OMG Friends Is Netflix And A Bunch Of Other Cool Stuff

Well I never! Friends is on Netflix! Do you remember the one where Joey gets a new brain? Well I didn’t and that’s how I found out friends is on Netflix, Claire told me so! Apparently the bagpipes would be rib tickling fun, well yeah it was, it is I’m writing this while watching it! Ewww Matt Leblanc and Susan Sarandan!

Other cool stuff out is the new part of the Dave Chappelle collection. Dave Chappelle is one of Def Jam’s comedy greats and his new stuff is brilliant, actual comedy genius. I stayed awake a few weeks ago and watched all of them back to back just to get back into it. There is comedy and then there is observational comedy and back stories he is a king of both.

Power Rangers is out! I can’t champion this film enough, it was great story telling and an awesome bit of family fun! What’s cool is if you have seen stranger things it’s the kid from that in Power Rangers. The story of this film is ace, not hard to watch and thoroughly entertaining. Sadly I hope they make more!

Back to Friends if your like me and have seen most the episodes but missed a few, then it’s a god send it’s on Netflix as I can binge watch the hell out of it!

Other cool mentions are Fight Club, we all know the first rule of fight club so best not mention it. Die Hard 4.0 and Hot Shots Part Deux has been added!

If your an anime fan then you will love that Full Metal Alchemist has been added, along with Pokemon: Volcanian.

Let’s be honest though Friends is a classic and we all had a crush on one of them at one point for sure! Especially if your my age!

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