So, this week I have got married! Best day of my life! But I tell you what waking up next to my wife everyday now is going to be magical! Finding someone who makes you happy everyday is hard!

Being with someone who makes you happy every day gives you tons of motivation to just carry on!

Saying that she is my wife, I do feel I should look after her the best I can and she asked me nicely for a cat! I obviously thought this was a fantastic idea! So, we now have Poppy Oscar! The most amazing Persian cat ever!

We have a small little family here of our own and a little kitty that comes and cuddles us in the morning, doesn’t want to much fuss, but just enough to get by.

I can’t even begin to describe how quickly I fell in love with this kitten when I saw it; I walked in and said to the lady I will take her now, no need to see more. Obviously being a responsible adult I did stay and find out more, check the cats heritage and blood line.

Seems silly but I wanted a very specific cat, very specific face and Becca just wanted a pretty cat to cuddle.

But love comes in all shapes and sizes and you can instantly fall in love, no cat nip needed.

Here is to making some happy memories with my wife and Poppy, can’t wait.

Want to see some pics of Poppy check out http://instagram.com/poppyoscargram

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