Wetherspoons Is The Shiznat! Order And Pay For Randoms

In sheer boredom today, I have taken it upon myself to randomly top up other people’s drinks in wetherspoons from the order and pay app.

Now, if you haven’t tried it you can use the app to buy food and drink from any wetherspoons and have it delivered to any table! For me this is great as I am mega lazy at the moment and do a ton of work for here as the coffee is cheap and unlimited refills.

But, the fun part is when someone is getting low on a drink, save waiting at the bar you can order the drink to come to you! It’s ace! No more wasting time! No more standing at the bar next to smelly people!

I thought I will test the app and ordered breakfast, this worked, I’m so happy. But there is not a way to remove items or specify the way you want it yet which is a bummer!

Anywho, I then decided the bloke next to me was low on his drink so ordered him another one! To his amazement it turned up and I said yeah I got it cos I wanted to play with the app. But this means that on birthdays, Christmas, I can or others can buy drinks for people from anywhere in the world! No more I owe you a drink when I see you! You can bloody get it now!

Life saving technology I think. I should explain I don’t drink anymore but do love coffee!

Peace up! A TOWN DOWN!

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