The Hunt For The Moons – Dan Vs Claire on Mario Odyssey!

Ok for my birthday I got Mario Odyssey on the switch from Claire! Now she has decide that this is a huge game of cat and mouse, she is the mouse and I am the cat! I love nothing more than to get absorbed into an awesome game or film so this is brilliant to get my mind off things.

Mario Odyssey is one of those addictive and highly competative games that if your into platform games you will get! I love it for one it’s simplicity and two it’s brilliant levels. You can play two player but  gets a bit awkward on the small screen so way better to just go head to head on with normal game play.

Now, She is intent on blasting through the game to complete it but doesn’t realise how many moons there are and the aim of the game is to get all the moons. I on the other hand have taken the time to blast through each level methodically and work on my moon finding.

I am currently on 149 and she is on 260 odd, now that may seem like a drastic amount of moons difference but I have only done the first four levels she has done almost all of them. Not to take anything away from her, but she will have to go back and get all the ones she has missed now. I won’t!

We seem to be a rather competative couple of plebians, so yeah help sometimes is off the cards, but I do like to give hints on stuff I see.

All in all it’s an amazing game! I will keep you posted on who is winning!

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