Help Me Build A Beautiful Community

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Your thinking why does this dude need a donation, I will tell you why now πŸ™‚

I have recently realised that thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people are in my situation and lack support, get forgotten by hospitals and the likes and I want to create a community where people can get the much needed help they may need.

How Am I Going To Do This?

Me and a small team of others who are passionate about what we do are building a smart social community that will match people together who need support very much like a dating site but to get the much needed support they need.

See her for full details:

Why I Need Donations?

Currently I have zero pennies in the bank, I am self funding everything that I do, the Vlog, Equipment, Servers, Time, Travel to Appointments, Treatment and the rest that goes with it. I spent all the last of my money on getting camera equipment to make sure I can continue to inspire others.

What Will Your Donations Be Spent On?

Well this is a support community, that’s exactly what it will continue to be, I am here to help people as much as I can and connect people as much as possible. I want to use any money raised to help with me finding answers, building up the community and building up awareness.

This will be multi channeled – By that I mean that a portion will go to the upkeep and running of the servers and systems that are needed to continue this and then a portion will go to helping people who are in a similar situation as me. If we can help a child get treatment, or make s difference to someones life that is what we are here for.

I Do Not Want Your Money (Let Me Explain)…

I want you to sponsor this site in a way that helps me to grow this for years to come for people.

I am not someone who has ever asked people for help and I don’t intend to now but a lot of people have asked if I have a go fund me or way to donate towards costs of treatment and travel to treatment abroad or just buy me a coffee by all means help me by donating to this site, so any money I actually earn I can use for me as I plow loads into this now.

I have now stopped working to focus on helping people and trying to make lives easier for others in my situation.

If you are here you know what I do and how hard I work on it so, I am not going to give you a sob story.


Thank You To Every One Who Has Donated πŸ™‚

They have made this site possible to keep going and helped in building this community up, thank you guys for your support and well wishes.

A special thank you goes to Laura M St John for being the first to donate and there will be an area of the site named after her in the community.

Those people are :

Laura M St John

Peter Erickson

Personal Best Athletics

Caroline Saunders

Claire Amplett-Thomas

Susan Dhifaoui

Stephanie Takemoto

Tiffany Peterson

Joe Lay

Nollygrio, Inc