A Small Update

So, where are we at now? I haven’t put up an update on here for a while.

As it stands my cancer is now in-operable, with that it means I can’t have further surgery to remove any new tumours that have grown after my last surgery on May 28th.

This to me is a bit of a shock as the doctors always said they would continue to cut them out. We do however have advances through chemotherapy and possibilities of other treatment, for now I have chosen to take the chemotherapy route as it will be partially targeted. This will most likely be my best shot at beating this or slowing it down.

As I have always said, how do we reverse something that is classed as terminal???

DNA sequencing is being done still, but takes time so until those results are back and after a small procedure is done to remove another tumour, there is very little that can be done with advancing the research from a DNA sequencing point of view.

I will no be having palliative nurses visit me at home, try control the pain levels, sickness and make sure that I am ok.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting all the findings and information that has been gathered.

Right now as I embark on chemotherapy it is not ethical to keep the go fund me going, as while I am recieveing treatment nothing further can be done, until we know the results of that treatment.

I will continue to post updates on here and on my social media and of course YouTube

Thank you to everyone for your support

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