Yesterday Was Father’s Day

Yesterday was father’s day and I slept through most of it. Luckily I did get to go for brunch with my family in the morning and enjoy some time with my dad.

The funny thing is, it took years for me to realise just who my dad was! Not because he wasn’t about when I was a kid I just didn’t know him as I do now.

When you grow up and you’re a small child your dad is someone that you look upto and aspire to be like. My dad was crazy! Like off his rocker, hyperactive, silly, funny, always joking about and having fun with his friends and people he loved.

He happened to start off as a musician, magician and entertainer in his early days. I always remember my dad playing the guitar, attempting to do make things disappear.

My dad is an amazing human being, so kind, generous and willing to be there in any situation even if he does moan a little! But that’s all down to grumpy old man syndrome!

I realise that some people in the world grow up without a mother and father, I can’t even imagine how that would feel as mine have always been there, even when I have been the worst son in the world.

One thing I do know though is all the single mommas and papas that are doing it for themselves should be super duper proud of what they do, I can barely look after a puppy let alone a child.

Now that I am on chemo and I am getting sicker the likelyhood of me ever having children of my own is slim to none, I won’t ever be a father, but I at least know what a good dad looks like and have a wealth of awesome memories to look back on a learn from.

One of my fondest memories of my dad is actually really recent, when we went to paris the first time a few years ago and my dad saw main street in the Disney Park, there was a sense of boyhood wonder in his eyes and immediately he grabbed the camera and was snapping away. Watching the 1940’s cars go by and going on search of Goofy, Goofy is my dad’s favorite character in Disney.

My dad was the one with the idea of starting a vlog for them to share how they feel about having a son with terminal cancer, because they have to go through an awful lot as well as parents. It’s sometimes a losing battle, tears and worry. I honestly don’t know how they deal with the worry as I am pretty isolated and shut off from my emotions to do with it all.

My parents channel is here and they will be posting a video this week.

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5 Comments on “Yesterday Was Father’s Day”

  1. “My dad was crazy! Like off his rocker, hyperactive, silly, funny, always joking about and having fun with his friends and people he loved.” I’d say, Like Father Like Son. And I only know you by your posts!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Dan! I know as a parent myself your words of recognition and support to your folks will be most comforting to them… It is not until we have children ourselves that we realize how much our parents do love us and would do absolutely anything!

    I am absolutely delighted they have their own channel now and eagerly await their first video! I hope they keep it up for years to come.

    Yes, you are extremely fortunate to have such wonderful, fun loving and supportive parents and siblings! Even taking care of Belle for you! Hooray!

    My father was extremely silly and happy as well! He was soooooo much fun, and I credit him with many hours of laughter and joy, and in his honor I taught all three of my kids to be extremely silly as well! Long live Monty Python!!

    Here’s hoping you get to go outside more and enjoy some of the many things you would like to do with whatever time you have left. I always look forward to your postings and check daily!

    I think of you and your family each and every day…

  3. Hi Dan

    What a wonderful gift you have been given. That being a father that you love and respect, and having returned the and respect from your father.

    So many never get to say this.

    God bless,

    Dan in Oz

  4. Hi Dan
    I am a health care professional ( RN ) in Los Angeles . I just finished watching your videos chronologically so I have the whole story . First of all , I want to thank you for putting a face to cancer and sharing everything on your journey with unflinching honesty . You have demystified a lot of things for all the people that have watched your videos ; I think you are beyond courageous ,as is your family .

    I hope you will feel better soon from the side effects , and I pray that your treatment plan will work !

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