Sunday!!! Bloody Sunday! No, actually pretty average Sunday.

I haven’t posted on my blog for a few weeks, this is because major updates have been taking place. The site is now ready to hold the community site, ready to have all the updates done to it. So, expect some mega massive changes over the next few weeks.

This makes me mega happy as I am really loving what I am working on, I am loving that it is becoming more, slowly but surely becoming more! It has taken a lot longer as I got sick so fast and needed to have so much surgery but it is all coming together!

I have nothing but love for everyone who is tuning into my vlog, that is gettin involved and getting in touch.

The phases are coming together nicely, working with my family, their associates and mine, we are creating something really spectacular.

This takes a lot of work behind the scenes that no one ever gets to see, but maybe soon we will be happy to show you the amount of work and effort that is being put into all these projects.

I will be making some awesome changes to my website this week for people, including a podcast, a full back catalogue of my videos and a wealth of information. I AM SO EXCITED!

I know some people don’t understand or get what I am trying to do, but if it all comes together then some seriously awesome stuff will happen!

Watch this space as they say, as only good things are to come 🙂

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So what's the story? Well in 2015 I was diagnosed with a Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. To say the least it was aweful, I have managed to get through three years now with it coming back with vengance 4 times. On the 29th December 2017 I found it had likely spread. This is my dialogue with myself.

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2 Comments on “SUNDAY FUN DAY! OHHH And Some Updates”

  1. You are an inspiration, thank you for sharing your journey with us all. Your positivity makes a difference to everyone.

  2. Please ask your doctor’s about possibly doing a nreve block to relieve the pain in your face and head. It might be possible to try Botox injections and Lidocaine patches to give you some kind of relief.

    Thank you so much for what you have done for the people in the world who have cancer. I take care of people with cancer and you have shown the reality of it. The hopes of one day are dashed by the next scan. The roller coaster ride that cancer brings to a person’s life and family is inot a life anyone woukd want to live. I have patients with Stage IV cancer right now that no one would know they are sick and idiots have been as rude to them as the idiots you have encountered. People are full of fear and you have what they fear so they act like idiots.

    Tell your mom that I pray for her as one mom to another. I can only imagine how painful this is for her. Tell her I said her strength and love shine through in the brief times we see her and hundreds of us moms are standing along side her praying her strong. She has an amazing, incredible son.

    Remember what you have done to make this world better. Because of you, more people understand what cancer brings and how hard it is to overcome. You put yourself into our hearts and we are better people for it. I wish I could meet you in person, but Pennsylvania is along way from the UK.

    You are loved.

    Laura Umbrell

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