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So, my mum and dad’s vlog is now out and from a completely different perspective.

I know that they will be posting more videos about what they do as parents to care for me and what they have done to cope, along with how they have tackled other issues like my little brothers Autism and Asperger’s.

Some of the things my parents have achieved in life are not only monumental but astounding as they have never wanted anything in return and have always tried to help in the community.

One thing I know my dad is interested in is bringing his radio show from years ago to life in an animated form for kids, so I may have to make that a reality for him.

If you hadn’t guessed I love my parents to bits and we are all super close and talk about anything and everything. From life all the way to death and everything in between.

What’s great is this whole vlogging process both for me and my family has been a wonderful experience in reality, it has connected us all with old friends, the world and a plethora of awesome people who have old fashioned values and have respect for others.

My mum would argue that I don’t always have respect for people but sometimes people regular rude and need to be cut down a peg! That is something I love to do.

We are currently working on a video together to tackle a tough subject for me and that is having anaphylactic shock when I was 13, I suffocated basically to death for a bit. Not the nicest experience and I do my best to forget those few years after as it was very hard for me.

I had brain damage and had to spend time in rehabilitation and with a lot of help and support I finally got my memory back, cognitive functions and stuff by the time I was 18.

My mum argues that my behaviour changed after it drastically but for me I am the same so it’s hard when she brings that stuff up and makes me super angry!

This subject has to be handled sensitively for my sake as I want it explained properly and with detail and not be just a fly on the wall thing that’s said.

But I’m excited to see what my parents come up with over the next few weeks for everyone, for me it’s nice to see what my parents do or would do given the chance to do things.

Anyways, here is my mum and dad’s first vlog, it’s 18 mins long but well worth the watch.

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  1. As you share more details I can’t help but think as a parent myself what hurdles your parents have and are dealing with. Also, what you are dealt daily. It’s a lot! It is into hear how all of you cope.

  2. OMG, you have had such an amazing life!! I had no idea that accident you had as an adolescent was that dramatic, powerful, and life changing. What you and your family have been through, and now this!

    One thing I am thankful for is that your family is obviously very, very close. That is such a precious thing, and one can see why your family is that way! You are all amazingly funny!! It would be hard not to like any of you… I have so thoroughly enjoyed all your vlogs, blogs, and instagram entries… and I very much look forward to everything your parents post as well! You are all very creative and obviously talented.

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