The ReBirth Of PeeWeeToms

Some of you may already know how much I love life, the outdoors, meeting new people (only for a minute though as I get nervous), interviewing people, having fun and generally being silly.

Well, I wanted my vlog to reflect my passion for art, life, living and being free to be yourself. I am now working my ass off to get all my skills into one place to produce some awesome content for everyone to enjoy.

So, what is to come your asking? Well…

I have a new format, a new schedule, a new lease of life and want to share it with the world. I am also going to be using my pre-existing knowledge in media, broadcasting and cinematography to bring you high end, beautiful content.

No day will be the same, no day will be boring, and no day will just be about me (Okay, okay, it will be about me and my interests but will feature others and their stories, some cool insights in to life for others as well and their perspectives).

Life is about so much more than cancer to me, I am not sure many people know that I studied art and theatre, I also specialised in visual composition and CGI. All before going into programming applications and web based software.

For me, my true passion lies in being artistic, being realistic and being me. For that I am going to be bringing together a few bright young sparks to help me create what will hopefully be something amazing to leave behind should something happen to me, I don’t want to reveal to much before the 14th of April but re-invention, being unique and myself is important.

What will be fun as well in this will be building up the community, community stories, information, factual information for others to read and gain knowledge from and give back to the world that so many take advantage of.

I am very sick, but that does not mean I have to stop. I have the support of numerous heavy hitters and wonderful individuals to get to where I aspire to be, and I won’t stop giving back.


The research of my cancer is starting now, I am having DNA sequencing done along with the hope we can find some targeted chemo. There are limited options in this for me, but we are going to try everything possible.

The Go Fund Me money people have generously donated will go towards having researchers now look at treatment options for myself and analyse how this cancer has managed to spread so rapidly. In the hope that that information can help people in the future or we can help others if the find this blog, vlog or any other media.

I wish my cancer (Pleomorphic Sarcomatoid Carcinoma) was simple to treat because I hate being unwell, I hate being sick but, in a world where so many people are sick I feel it is important to try your best to lay the ground work for people in the future.

The UK can only offer so much when it come’s to this type of insight from doctors, we have been to some of the best hospitals in the UK and they still have no idea what to do, the only advice and consensus we got was that it needed to be cut out immediately. Which means we must look further afield, look at more options, but that all comes at a cost. But we all know it will rapidly come back (Last time within a few short weeks), so now it is about slowing that or stopping that from happening.

How can we reverse what is terminal, incurable and unpredictable?

Laughter can get you a long way, but it can’t cure cancer, there are so many different types and in the past few weeks I have lost a few friends to this horrific disease.

No one is immune to cancer, it can strike at any time, not just that it can be sudden, it kills, it is unfortunately ever evolving, and the likelihood is that there will never be a cure, but you can always search for one yourself, that is exactly what I am doing.

The Vlog Hiatus…

I am taking a break this week from vlogging to recover from surgery, but I will be back, I will be me, I will be making bad jokes and be attempting to make people smile.

I am really looking forward to trying to make the future brighter for me and others, and what is planned should do exactly that, I am hoping I can bring others hope, I know I have felt at times there is none, I have felt there is no escape from this and constantly vlogging daily about my cancer has not helped me clear my head.

I love doing my vlog, but it must be about me, it must be about what interests me as well, what keeps me going, how I keep going and how we can make a community out of this.

The Community…

The community site is hopefully going to launch later this month, with 40 life stories (all verified), Interviews, guest pieces and a starter forum while we are testing the peer to peer support system.

As soon as the system is ready to use, we are hoping to make it into an app, that can be used in numerous ways, but this takes planning, a team and people willing to give up their time to help me achieve this.

What excites me most is the fact I can see all this coming together already, I can see the difference it has made to me whilst facing this and I really hope it makes a difference to others.

There will be detailed explanations of cancer, types of cancer, sub types, treatment, symptoms, staging, mental health, staying active and fit, carer’s advice, doctor’s advice and nurses. This will all be compiled and added to the site over a reasonably short period of time.

This isn’t a game to me, this is a passion now that has got me through. I want this to become a legacy.

The best part of all, it will be easily accessible, searchable and available to everyone.

I am a super busy bee, but I am not one to slow down or stop.

Thank you for reading this far 🙂

Much Love,


Here Is My New Video…

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So what's the story? Well in 2015 I was diagnosed with a Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. To say the least it was aweful, I have managed to get through three years now with it coming back with vengance 4 times. On the 29th December 2017 I found it had likely spread. This is my dialogue with myself.

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  1. It’s good to see you feeling so well and so ambitious Dan! Don’t be so sure that the cancer is going to come back. They took out so much of it now, maybe it will be weaker than it was before. And now they are looking for the proper treatment to get what’s left of it under control. Which they WILL do.

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