Life for me has few pleasures now! You’re probably thinking Jebus Dan! Jebus! Crikey!

Anyway, that’s not what this blog post is about, this one is about my unwavering awesome affinity to coffee! That full bodied, bitter coffee, that amazing stuff that gets right up the nostrils and makes you feel like you have been hit with an adrenaline rush! The stuff they call rocket fuel!

If you follow my vlogs, I am banned from my favorite costa for filming! Shame on you costa! Shame on you!

My thing has now changed to a cheeky caramel latte or even better a caramel macchiato! Oh, my days Starbucks caramel macchiato fudge my biscuits! That is the best coffee going right there in my opinion! By all means let me know what your favorite is in the comments below.

What I love now days is everyone saying don’t drink coffee but shove it up your arse as an enema! A coffee enema! Coffee is for me to enjoy in my mouth not my butt!

PS I get the theory behind coffee enemas, I was just trying to be a bit fun before someone shoots me down.

I have found now though that I can’t have milk in coffee as I am getting increasingly nauseous and that really does not help with my day to day functioning!

I just want to describe to you how coffee makes me feel inside though when I know I am getting a good one, like a really good one. That build up for me is like going on a rollercoaster now, sad but true! Like I said the small things make me happy now days!

But here goes, if some one says to me lets get coffee, my ears prick like a little whippet! I am like “when”, “Where”! Then my brain goes into a little bit of overload, it’s like do I have a plain latte, do I have a caramel one, or why not push the boat out and get a vanilla one! OH MY GOSH what do I do!

Then when I get to a coffee house, oh my days the smell, it gets right into those nasal receptacles and kicks my brain into gear! That musty, roasted, nutty, coffee smell!

Then the moment comes to order and I am always hesitant, I always look at the menu even though I know what I will order! I lean forward and say “a glass of water please”, ha ha only joking “Gimme a Caramel mac, venti, no cream, the names vader!”.

I then walk off saying smash you later! Even if it’s a bloke, just for the sheer comedy of it all! Still straight faced I walk over to get my coffee, you know on the little counter bit at the end. I stand patiently tapping my foot to the dull murmur of music in the air. They call out vader, they then say to me “is it Darth” and I say “No, its coffee”…

I then go sit down, smash my way through my coffee, enjoying every sweet, delicious and coffee blasted sip!

So yeah, my love of coffee is just that! I LOVE COFFEE

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7 Comments on “Why I Always Say My Names Vader In Starbucks!”

  1. Love your last quip to the guy asking, “Is it Darth?” and you answer, “No, it’s coffee!” Good one!
    My fav?? Gosh, if i were thinner like you i’d go for a grande mocha, and heavy on the chocolate and cream!!! but… these days it’s just a latte, no flavoring… but i LOVE it, SOOO much!!!! My husband gets pissed when I start drinking it daily… cuz o’ the cost… so I don’t do it often so much anymore… But one of these years i do plan to buy an espresso machine for home use!! My kid has one and can enjoy sweet drinks every day at a good price!!!

    Thanks for sharing you adoration of espresso drinks… It was a fun read!!!

  2. I love coffee too Dan. Sometimes I like a hot steaming cup of the old fashioned kind, like Maxwell House or Folgers. ☕The older brands seem to have more caffeine than the coffees of today.

  3. Oh my days! Love that haha! Also I wish I could give a recommendation but I’ve yet to find a better coffee than a caramel macchiato. ACTUALLY – if you have any Greek places near you they make coffee a bit differently that’s easier for me to drink. Definitely recommend haha

  4. Love love love coffee too, I’m a bit boring though and just stick with my favourite flat white. 3 weeks ago I gave up dairy so now drink my coffee with oatmilk or ricemilk second choice, I have come to love oatmilk more than dairy! .. Give it a go after a week you may be surprised how yummy it is, so easy to get used to, have to say I’m hot fussy about soy or almond milk in coffee tho, doesn’t do it for me.

  5. OK… so I love me a Starbucks coconut milk latte with sugar free cinnamon dolce, but I might be drinking something else – non coffee- on the down low. I went to this tea place and well of course they don’t sell coffee. So I adsked what was closest to a latte and they served me up something ethereal.

    Lapsang souchong rice milk latte with a bit of honey and sugar. DUuuuuuuUUuuuUuuuuude

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