It’s not over till the larger than life lady sings! Let’s face it it’s a bit harsh to say when the fat lady sings! Why can’t we say when the bearded lady in the greatest showman sings.

I truly believe I wouldn’t have survived this long without being active, laughing and living my life as much as possible. People seem fascinated by what I say and do and really want to learn and know more all the time.

Here’s what I am planning on doing if I get through this and sing with the larger than life lady and drown her out with my screams and shouts of I did it! At this point there will be a larger than life and Dan fight! Obviously, I will win, push that behach off the stage and shout at the top of my lungs this is my time!

I’m going to make a difference, I am going to show the world that adversity is always good for the soul! Overcoming adversity can make you stronger and can bring people closer, no matter what walk of life they are in! Somehow, I am able to find beauty in all this madeness and understand it all slowly but surely. Somehow, I am realising that I cancer has made me more human! More compassionate and more in awe of human beings!

Your thinking Dan WTF are you blabbering on about you crazy boy! If I make it through surgery, and the rest of all this horrific disease I will be spending all my time educating, showing love and compassion for others. Not just that I will continue to broadcast my adventures but in a much more spectacular way as I will have the means to be active.

I’d love to explore the world, find out how people live, how people cope with catastrophic circumstances and how they deal with everything they are going through and try grasp an understanding of it all. I know that no one will understand what I am doing straight away but I am sure it will make sense after time.

I am one man, I say this all the time, but so many people have spurred me on to help others and help them through the worst parts of life. Don’t be pushed into a dark place for no reason! Fight back, be you and be the best version of you that you can be!

So, in essence I just want to get my ass fit and healthy again so that I can get my ass to see some awesome people in this beautiful world. I will be honest I can’t wait for that day to come.

Again thank you everyone for your awesomeness and support 🙂

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