The Stats This Week & So Much Support

OK, so the stats this week are phenomenol! When I say phenominal I mean shockingly amazing!

I said last week that I wanted this to be more and that it was becoming way more! I have been in the news, I have been in Nigerian news! I have been shared all over the world, from America, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Asia and more. I know this from demographic data and links back to my site and social media!

Within a week I have had such a massive response I spend an hour every morning replying to each and every person who I have message me, some days the comments and the messages have exceeded a couple of thousand!

I am not a charity, I am just one person, I appreciate it so much and that people find value in what I am doing!

Some don’t understand what I am doing with this blog and vlog but one I want to find some answers, two I want to try help everyone by raising awareness and showing all sides of the Cancer. Not just the ups and not just the downs.

I am incredibly proud of what I have managed to achieve in a short few weeks.

The Stats…

This is calculated as a total for the last four weeks!

Cross Platform Views: 43,393 (up 21,659 in 7 days)

YouTube Subscribers: 260 (up 93 in 7 days)

YouTube Hours Watched: 333

Average Views Per Day: 708 (up 330 in 7 days)

The Latest Update 🙂


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  1. Hi my name is Jo Morrison I am a 59 year old female from the United States and I was diagnosed with a very rare sarcoma in 2008 I will spare you all the stuff I have went through up to now to survive but it has now taken over my lungs and in October they told me probably had about 6 months to live which would give me until April of this year but so far I’m doing pretty good I’m on oxygen all the time but I’m not giving up. There is no more treatments for me I haven’t had anything in a few months and I’m just waiting on some things come available and hoping that it does before it’s too late so I can relate to what you’re going through very much so. So just know that I’m out here pulling for you and praying for you I’m hoping that you can run across something that will at least slow this down. Good luck and Godspeed!

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