Again They Asked About My Limp! Better Day Today!

I didn’t have much to write about today, mainly as I spent most the day by the seaside in Westo-super-Mare with my family and Claire, but I am still unwell and had to have a day off the decongestant nasal spray I was using to clear my nose! Safe to say I have the worst blocked nose ever!

So, I thought today I would blog just one thing out and make it worth it! I am currently watching Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Carrey on comedians in cars getting coffee! Obviously right up my street, one I love comedy, two I love talk shows, three people intrigue me!

I wish that in my life I had pursued my actual dreams, pursued the awesome stuff I did as a teenager and into my twenties.

I studied dance, I studied musical theatre, had auditions for things like stomp and other theatre productions that I turned down because I though I was madly in love with a girl! I clearly wasn’t! What a waste of my crazy ass skills! Maybe I should start to pursue a career in being a goof on YouTube and see where it gets me!

Probably arrested knowing me, I can sometimes be very offensive, I think that’s because I don’t really give two fucks about what anyone else thinks!

What have I really done today? Very little! I spent far to long in the shower, went into the town to get breakfast, on the way I realised I had my mom’s keys, which meant we had to turn back and take the keys back! Noah shouting nanny all the way back! Anywho we gave up on the breakfast idea and went to Burger King! I have to say that there is only one place that sells good burgers and that is Burger King! I love the King of Burgers! I love the mustard on the bun, and the pickles! Damn I want one now! I am actually salivating!

We then took Noah to get a babyccino and he wailed! He actually just screamed the whole time when his daddy went off! I should probably explain Noah is my nephew.

After that we decided to go to the penny arcade and home, we went to my mom’s and played a bit, I bought myself some parallel bars! You may be thinking why parallel bars? Well, I know that they are good for physio of the back and will increase my physical fitness and core strength.

I want to get back into MMA and Muay Thai, I genuinely want to kick some ass again, I haven’t fought in ages and really think it will help me relax. I know I need surgery, I know I may be limited in the time department, but fuck! Why can’t I do it!

I, yes, I want to fight so any offers hit me up! I should stress that’s a joke, but not a very good punch line! Budum Tish you get it!

What do you get if you push two elephants and a cymbol of a cliff? Budum bum tish!

What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror? Halloumi!

Worst chat up line!!! What’s the word of the day? Legs! Want to go back to mine and spread the word!

PS I have never used that line I am far more forward!

ANYWAY, today I am still sick, today I am hopeful, today I got a call off my GP asking about my limp! For real I was in the shower and was called by my doctors asking me about my limp! What the hell can no one read!

I am also looking at private healthcare, not to get seen quicker but to get better options for the future and gain some more knowledge.

Tomorrow, I will be posting some more about what’s wrong with me, also some explanations like a glossary of terms for cancer related issues.

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