I Seem To Have Some Concern’s – I Don’t Trust Doctors

I seem to have some major concern’s, one, I feel like I was fobbed off by the hospital (not to say the doctors don’t know what they are doing but I just don’t trust them), they have been wrong every single time so doesn’t fill me with confidence. Two, I am majorly concerned about the size of the lump and the fact I can feel that it is latched on to my muscle. Three I was told to ignore other lumps which seems like a complete load of bollocks to me!

Now, I have been asked if I want to go see a specialist in France and another in Russia, but I seriously have to start doing some work soon else I will be broke as they come. I have day long meetings next week with some pretty big companies, councils and individuals so I can’t be unwell, I can’t turn down money! It’s just not in my nature to do that!

So, what do I do? I am going to have to do something!

Trust is a massive issue in life and I don’t trust the people who are treating me! I don’t think I should feel that way really. But I also don’t think I will fully trust anyone to treat me as it so rare, and I have never had a single real answer that doesn’t have a stupid statistic attached!

Stressing is beyond me now, I can’t even get rid of a common cold so how can I get rid of a bout of cancer!

On a plus note, I am still working out, I am still trying to bulk for surgery, so I don’t lose much weight after and want to just get better now.

I didn’t blog yesterday, I know as I wasn’t feeling to good and was mega busy all day, I went out for lunch, went to an event with the Mayor of Weston-super-Mare and generally chilled. I also watched COCO which was an amazing film! Such a heart felt movie. May write a blog about it actually it was that good.

Smart people tend to look for answers and help others with knowledge or they use that knowledge for their own gain, I am not intending on doing that at all. When I know something I will add it in to the blog and index it in google.

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