This Has Bugged Me For Years! Work and Cancer

I have been bugged by this for fucking years! It sucks to have cancer at the best of times but what do you do when you have a job and need extensive time off for treatment?

Some jobs are great, I know if I still worked for Virgin Trains I wouldn’t have an issue, but I have worked for some god-awful companies and lost my job a few years ago because of other peoples lies about me after being diagnosed, I am not the kind of person to give up and give in so yeah went back to work swiftly after surgery to my job as a manager of a store.

On my return I was greeted by a disciplinary, not just that I got accused of shit loads of things. LETS JUST GET THIS STRAIGHT! The fucking clowns at this work place couldn’t run a business for shit!

Anyways, that’s another story for another time, some one had spread rumours that I had been lying about having cancer, and that I had made it all up. WHY! Why would I have got surgery on my back for no reason! Especially a 32cm incision! WHY!

I originally was given a few months to live as it wasn’t assessed properly, told my work place and yeah, that then got out to other members of staff and obviously I lived a lot longer everything I said became lies, I couldn’t escape it, it was horrible. It made me really agitated, I made complaint after complaint to just be disciplined myself. As if I wasn’t going through enough.

I was going to work with people being horrid to me almost daily, being bullied by narrow minded fools. I am glad I left, I decided to walk away before they became even worse.

Now I could ruin that company within a few weeks easily but it’s a waste of my time, and I am not that kind of idiot.

It’s just a shame that some people don’t realise what others are going through and how hard they find life, try struggling to keep sane and being persecuted for being unwell at the same time. It made me bitter towards people and not trust anyone, I told no one when anything else happened after that point.

Another thing that pisses me right off is the “someone in my family died of that”, well that’s great for you but I don’t want to be hearing that! I also bet they were about 70+ I am only 32 and its fucking horrible. I just want to have a normal life like everyone else now I have had enough of it!

I get that young people die of cancer as well, and trust me that sucks just as much, someone being struck down at such a young age.

The thing is obviously I could be shot, stabbed, burnt to death in an instant, which wouldn’t bother me as it’s over quickly, but this is such a horrible drawn out process.

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