Staying motivated isn’t easy, but still the thing that drives me! Life is all about having goals! Sitting on your ass all day doing nothing gets you nowhere!

Drive! Passion! Love! If you have drive and passion for the things you love then you can achieve anything you want to achieve!

That isn’t even a turn of phrase! I genuinely believe that anything is possible, I set goals daily, only daily as I am not sure what the future holds but I will always make sure I hit those goals!

Soon, I will be releasing a bit of a teaser of what I want to do on my bucket list and achieve before I die and will strive as hard as I can to achieve those things!

The main one is definitely stay alive though! I am not going to lie, I am scared now. I get scared to go to sleep sometimes just in-case I don’t wake up and I am not too good with the paranoia bred from my meds.

I used to live towards objectives and targets in my own life and strive to be the best; I always wanted to be the best I could be. That didn’t motivate me though; it pushed me into a dark world of stepping on top of anyone who was in my way!

When I realised that I was motivated towards the wrong things I started to nurture relationships, lives as much as I could to try and make the best of me and others. Selflessness became a crazy mantra, trying to help others and that made me more motivated to achieve more!

All I want to say is that motivation comes from within, not someones instagram posts, youtube videos or twitter. It’s about grabbing reality by the balls!

I hope that makes sense, I am struggling to find the words today!

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So what's the story? Well in 2015 I was diagnosed with a Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. To say the least it was aweful, I have managed to get through three years now with it coming back with vengance 4 times. On the 29th December 2017 I found it had likely spread. This is my dialogue with myself.

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4 Comments on “HAVING MOTIVATION!”

  1. ? Good on you Dan- I agree with you on what’s most important -that is relationships and letting your true loving nature shine through for others to see! You’re adorable! ???

  2. I do get that. As much as we can be inspired by someone else, it doesn’t last unless it’s rooted inside of ourselves as well. You can’t make changes to your life for someone else. It has to be for yourself. You have to want it for you.

    I’m sorry you’re scared. Honestly, I’d want to be running through the streets in terror. It’s your amazing attitude that inspires people. But that doesn’t mean that we’d all be able to be as brave. *HUGS* You are loved.

  3. This makes perfect sense! Don’t worry . You are doing a great job. I can see your motivation!! Living true to yourself. And that’s what matters!! Just like Freddie did!
    Blessings to you and strength on Freddie’s BD!!??????

  4. Thanks Dan! I think about you everyday and hope you are the miracle and live on! You are not alone in this journey!! Thank you for sharing you! ❤️

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