I Am Staying In Bed! Oh No I Am Going Shopping

Song Of The Moment: Gorgeous – Taylor Swift (Not My Choice)

Today I am staying in bed! Oh actually I am going shopping!

I guess there is no better way to take your mind off things that eating good food and going shopping! Even better sales shopping! I feel weak as hell, but I am not going to be beat! I spent last night in hospital so want to get out!

Last night was lame! I went to hospital, saw some kid who had been shot in the head which is not what you expect to see when going to your local hospital. Tons of kids and police in the waiting room, I have never seen it so packed and we had to wait 3 and a half hours.

I can’t really complain as the guy we saw sent off the referral I needed. I still have the lump, I still feel sick and unwell so yeah need to get better ideally!

So, what do I do to keep me awake! I get a protein shake down me! I love them now, I may not feel well but a fresh shake makes all the difference.

An activblend in a god send now, takes two seconds to make a fresh shake and walk out the door.

The Shopping Part

Obviously, I don’t feel myself at the moment, but I do love a good bit of shopping and I do love a good people watching session so off to Merry Hill I go!

I am getting old as well so shop in Matalan, and places like that! I love a good grandad jumper or pair of tighty whities.

I bought a shirt, mainly for new year’s so I don’t look so bland and boring. I then started to flag! I started to get weaker while walking around which is mega rare for me! Something must be up or I am just starving.

I wasn’t hungry just mega fatigued, I hate this part of everything as I have no control over it. Heart is in overdrive and my body is fighting infection, virus and cancer it’s a bit shit.

I was glad to get home and watch the Christmas Carol Gone Wrong. Wasn’t as good as expected but was a bit of fun when feeling so pants!

But yeah I am trying to be as normal as possible!

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