So I Answered The Questions From This Morning :)

Today I was asked a ton of questions and I have been asked a ton a few other days as well.

I have been asked to get a PO Box but I simply can’t afford it at the moment its like £300+ in the UK.

Another suggestion was GoFundMe but they take 20% or so of money donated.

So, I spoke to PayPal and had a donations button set up on my website. I have been a PayPal Partner for a while now in business and they are great to me.

If any money is donated it will be used for me to get treatment and further raise awareness of this type of cancer. If I have no treatment options, it will be used to raise awareness to help Children, Teens and Adults who have rare cancers to live a little and make some dreams come true for people who contact me in such tough and hard situations.

Some more about me…

What is wrong with me? I have a rare cancer, it sucks so much! I have had numerous surgeries and it all seems to be going pear shaped now days 🙁 I am trying to battle it all but keep getting sicker and sicker. I just wish that it was easy but it isn’t.

I have now had to stop working due to pain and only really do consultancy work on projects and things.

My aim with my website and vlog is to build a community and that community help each other, no prejudice and no hate just love and light for everyone.

I know all to well how hard cancer can be and how all consuming it can be, so many people go un-noticed or cared for and they are left in appalling situations with tons of fear and no help. I want to change that, make a safe place for people to be open and honest about their cancer and how it affects them.

I am one man, but I am a master of my own destiny! I will not be beaten and I want to help as many people as I can.


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