My Cancer Is The Demogorgon From Stranger Things

I have this idea in my head that my cancer is the Demogorgon from Stranger Things! I am pretty sure it is actually! It’s an evil bugger that won’t go away and is trying to eat me up just like Barb!

I hate having cancer and I have so many ideas about it, ways I can help people and want to help people! I just hope I survive this and can help people!

I am scared like anyone in this situation would be, I am just more worried about family and how they would be if anything happened to me.

Anyways, I feel like my cancer is the Demogorgon because it is an evil little thing that branches out like a tree and just tries to get me at every twist and turn. Much like IT would I guess!

I am an 80’s child and love everything 80’s and everything that is from that era, the music, pop culture and yeah the lot! Her name is Rio!

Life has thrown me this curve ball but I will always fight it and win! I will be Will! I will win against all the odds!

Here’s The Video…

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So what's the story? Well in 2015 I was diagnosed with a Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. To say the least it was aweful, I have managed to get through three years now with it coming back with vengance 4 times. On the 29th December 2017 I found it had likely spread. This is my dialogue with myself.

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