Prostate Cancer Deaths Out Weigh Breast Cancer Deaths! For Reals!

The BBC stated this morning:

The number of men dying from prostate cancer has overtaken female deaths from breast cancer for the first time in the UK, figures show.


BBC News

Only yesterday did I say there was something sworded about men talking about cancer! It actually shows, and also the fact we all live a lot longer means we become more suceptable to these things.

See the main reason for it is that extensive research into breast cancer is now paying off and the death rate is much lower, but for prostate cancer that seems to be where it is taking hold. The amount of research is lacking so innevitably the amount of deaths is high!

The latest figures from 2015 show there were 11,819 deaths from prostate cancer compared with the 11,442 that died from breast cancer.

One key thing to remember is that the death rate has dropped 6% between 2010 and 2015, which is one good thing!

Soon, I mean very soon I will do a video on this, mainly as it’s a seriously cool study and I want to look into it more.

Check out the BBC article here!

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