SCIENCE SPECIAL!!! Did You Know I Received Death Threats?

So, we all know I get hate daily, the extent of this I am not sure anyone realises but I have received death threats, my family have received threats and been called liars, loads of people try to discredit me everyday and they always use the dumbest things to try do it!

I really don’t understand what get’s people off with this stuff but I am pretty sure that they are actually building up my credibility in the process as I am constantly having to prove myself.

However, it is my blog, my vlog and I am allowed to do, say and act how I want to. Nothing will stop me from doing that and being free. I am just saddened that people like this exist, I also have one main troll who, we have traced, I am pretty sure that some of this trolling is jealousy, fear, confusion and competition as well. There always seems to be a troll comment then a follow up from an individual who needs help. The psychology of it all is very messed up!

I am never going to stop making my vlogs due to this as I am doing them to spread some love, light and show life’s not all rubbish even if you are dying!

I am documenting my journey and unfortunately the hate has become an interesting part of this. I am unsure why people chose to do this to terminally ill people, there are plenty of others online who do not show any proof but people believe them, I am being open and honest about every part of my disease and sickness and I guess some people do not like that!

Psychologically, some one who does this stuff must be messed up in the head, apparently I shouldn’t give them time, but I don’t but I do have good honest people question me after these people have spoken, this isn’t how it should be!

Anywhoooooo! It doesn’t bother me to much as I can prove every single part of my cancer and what I have been through, but threatening my family, loved ones and people who are my friends is completely unacceptable and also a hate crime, so don’t do it please!


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So what's the story? Well in 2015 I was diagnosed with a Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. To say the least it was aweful, I have managed to get through three years now with it coming back with vengance 4 times. On the 29th December 2017 I found it had likely spread. This is my dialogue with myself.

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13 Comments on “SCIENCE SPECIAL!!! Did You Know I Received Death Threats?”

  1. People can be such nasty pieces of work, and threatening you and your family is going to far. I cannot understand the mentality either. Hope you can name and shame them, that may make them think twice.
    Being in hospital is sooooooo boring. Bet you’re glad you can do your vlog. It’s great to see you recovering and doing so well. Wishing you all the best. Big huggies to you and your family. xx

  2. How very odd?? Death threats, threatening your family, loved ones and friends? You have a physical illness but they have a mental one!! It seems like they do not want you to post for some reason?? They obviously enjoy creating conflict as some unfortunates do. They are getting you and apparently now your family all nervous and excited and even worried… that is how they get their jollies, and the more you get riled up the more they will pester you and your loved ones. imo.

    I wish i could get them to not control you! How are they contacted you anyway… through your email? Can you make a filter in your email to get rid of them? Block them somehow?

  3. Death threats to you and your family are a crime. No matter what method they use to threaten your lives, it IS a crime. Criminals belong in jail.

      1. It can be done though. Please don’t let them do this to you and your family. Here in America they are starting to take death threats very seriously after what happened at that school in Florida recently.

      2. They should be ashamed, and they also should remember KARMA is a bitch. Their time will come.
        I find you a genuine, very strong, unselfish, kind courages and rather funny, gentleman. I am so thankful to know, through your website YOU. I feel your anguish and pain and I am constantly thinking of how you are and praying for you that this miracle I pray for you will happen. God bless you and keep you safe.
        Much Love from Linda Linden, NJ USA

  4. Well I’ll tell you, I’m handicapped big time now so I don’t have much to do so just send their asses to me and I’ll set them straight for you.? One thing Cancer taught me is there isn’t anything besides cancer that truly scares my ass so let me at them. I’ll teach them all they would want to know about life and cancer and what it does to a person. And how much we don’t give a Shit and stupid STILL can’t be fixed. You can say whatever you want to to me today but you fuck with my family or friends and your meeting someone you never wanted to meet. It pisses me off so BAD! So please come at me bro. ?????????

  5. Dan please block them where ever they pop up the second you see a vile comment block it , I understand you are furious but you must ask yourself why do the lies of stangers bother you , the intenet is massive let them move on , they are vampires trying to suck everything thats good about you because they are jealous of the love and support they know they will never get , The more contact I have with humans the more I want to run away to somewhere hot with a beach clear blue sea and save stray cats and dogs.. One last thing these cowards hate exposure so before you block name and shame ,they will soon run like the cowards they are .Hugs X

  6. Wow I am naive, really didn’t think people would be this awful and we know it’s because they are hidden and difficult to trace. As people have said please block negative comments and don’t take it personally or think about it too much, they aren’t worth a breath

  7. I reckon if we were to line the streets for you the trolls would be curtain twitchin scared to come outside all the good people should unite and feel sorry for these very very sad and lonely individuals trolls belong under the bridge ha ha very sick cruel and well jel

  8. ss. They say I am a crazy person who is bad at acting. Or that I am trying to get people to feel bad for me and give me money. First of all, I don’t even have a GoFundMe account, or any fund raising account, or P.O. Box. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Cancer treatment cost a lot of money, and puts so many families and people in debt.

    And although I havent had any death threats, I have had my share of people telling me that I should just go and get the job done and over with, and put myself and others who have to deal with me, out of their missery, by commit suicide. When I read a comment like that I immediatly delete it, and block that person asap. But it wasn’t always like that. At first the comments would upset me. I would dwell on them for ever. And I felt the need to write them back and prove myself to them.

    But that will not stopped them. They are truely sick individuals. And they have no boundries. Yes, it is hard to deal with them as adults, but they even go after kids and teens with cancer. Sofia Gall from Australia took a 4 month break from vlogging, due to her being diagnosed terminal, and her symptoms getting worse. In one of her most recent vlogs,

    She said that these trolls wrote that she was just looking to get money and trying to get famous. And now that she was famous, she didn’t think she needed to vlog anymore. Which is so far from the truth!!! You can see the pain in her eyes as she tries to talk about it. Its so sad.

    And just a few days ago one of these Trolls made a comment on my Youtube page, and said I was just like the other Sociopath trying to make money off of faking cancer. After saying why he thought I was one, he put the link to his video that is supposed to prove how he knows that Dan (Peeweetoms) is a conartist, an his mom is in on it with him. I will tell you, I did watch it. but after the first minute, I knew the real problem. He was psychotic. He started out saying that he knows why your videos showed up in his “suggested” videos. He said that he didn’t believe that YouTube uses some type of algorithm for the suggested videos. But he is certain that they have inserted some type of a chip in his brain, so that they can know his every thought. and that they know that it is his job to inform everybody about these horrible psychotic con artist faking cancer. then he went on to show your videos and try to show everyone how it is obvious that you are faking your cancer. None which made any sense. and everything else he tried to say about you, were complete lies!

    So as soon as the video was over, I sent a warning to YouTube and ask them to please shut his channel down. I was so pleased this evening, when I saw that he is no longer part of the YouTube Community. One troll down, and many more to go.

  9. It’s so awful how good people, who I believe are in the majority, pay the price for the deranged, dangerous, sociopathic few. Unfortunately, the Internet allows these people to hide from view and cowardly spew their hate. So sorry, Dan, that you’ve had these experiences. You represent the best of humanity, and I’m grateful that I and all your supporters have had the opportunity to get to know you through your blogs and vlogs. Thank you, Dan.

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