My Cancer Can’t Be Treated Like Everyone Else’s

Fearless, fear-less, fear less! FEAR LESS!

Exactly that what the hell is there to be worried about? If you know what could happen, why would you worry about it? Why would you even burden your soul with that worry?

I am not utterly fearless yet, but I am working hard on it! I am really trying not to succumb to this horrid disease and be just another statistic.

I have spent the last month researching, connecting with world leaders in cancer treatment and finding out how I could survive this!

I am not like any other cancer patient, I am truly trying to use positivity, laughter, smiles and a warm heart to try beat this. I know that sounds like I have a tin full of wishes that will never come true. But, because I laugh, smile and try my best I have nothing to regret.

I try and tackle every situation with dignity, I take the rough with the smooth, I am probably my own worst critic!

I love vlogging, I just wish I could do it the way I always wanted to, but I got sick very fast, and went down hill within a few weeks!

The rapid decline was not expected by anyone at all, least of all me, I am in shock still with how fast this has happened.

What I am trying to say is that, life for me has changed drastically, and I have still got a life. I still have breath in my lungs and I still have my cognitive functions. I am also by no means a foolish man, I realise I must work this out for myself and force progress. With that though, there are many people who could be helped along the way.

My cancer cannot be treated like everyone else’s, it’s far to rapid and aggressive to respond to conventional treatment. I have limited options, I have extremely limited options.

The reason, I am always smiling, and I guess “look good” is because I am not going to let this control me! I am not going to let it take over my life fully! My family, friends and loved ones all complain as I spend all my time trying to figure it out, make contact with people or try and educate others but that is what I want to do!

The majority of the human race don’t even know how many subtypes of cancer there are, how they work or affect people! The common consensus is that you must be bald to have cancer. But here I am looking normal as fuck and going through the hardest time of my life! Fighting the worst cancer, fighting for my life!

I started all this to try find others like me, to try find answers and help find a way to treat this. I since found out that no research had been done into this type of cancer, not more than surgical intervention.

So, I started trying to get some funds together to get some real research done into this, some targeted treatment. Bare in mind that no one knows what to do with me now, how to treat me and we are literally stabbing in the dark! I am putting my life on the line with the hope that we find something that can help others in the future.

Obviously, there will always be cynical people who do not understand the idea of survival, and there are people I know who have said to me face to face, why would you want to continue to live in pain! Because as I have said as long as I have my brain and a smile I am all good! I am happy to make jokes, laugh at myself and take the piss out of me!

I have been going through this for years now, I am at my wits end with trying to figure it out, the likelihood is that I will not work it out, but I am going to give it a hell of a good try!

All cancers are different and work very differently, I am not going to succumb to this any time soon, I am also not going to let anyone drag me down because well, what is there to be down about? I am used to my situation and well-adjusted to it.

Smart people don’t give up because they are forced to, they push on harder than ever before to prove a point!

That is exactly what I am going to do now! Prove a point!

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So what's the story? Well in 2015 I was diagnosed with a Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. To say the least it was aweful, I have managed to get through three years now with it coming back with vengance 4 times. On the 29th December 2017 I found it had likely spread. This is my dialogue with myself.

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7 Comments on “My Cancer Can’t Be Treated Like Everyone Else’s”

  1. Great attitude! Keep it going!!! I love reading this!!
    Besides, no one has a real clue what will happen. I keep thinking of emily hayward on youtube with six brain tumors and her amazing, positive attitude each day! If she has a fearful bone in her body it is not obvious!! She is fully ambulatory, fully functional in all ways, no symptoms that are visible on her videos that i can tell… yet the docs tell her she has eight weeks of life left!!! Bull shite!!!! You guys are conquerers… you can do it and not let the docs tell you what is happening to you!!! They sure have been wrong before!! Boy, that’s obvious!!!! As we all know, people get that terminal diagnosis which means passing in a short period of time from the disease… BUT there are people going on years longer! I know someone who was kicked out of hospice for Failure To Die!!! We got a good laugh out of that one! A hospice failure!!!

  2. Dan if they know so little about it , how do they know how it would respond to the usual cancer treatments out there ?? I wish you had enough money to go USA they seem to have a lot of the answers . x

      1. People heal in different ways push push push for treatment please Dan , demand answers , this is your life , research is just that lovely not fact I am so pissed that you and your family are going thru this crap , its just not fair ..Fight!! x

  3. Well said! You can’t choose what you get but you choose what you do with it. I love your realness and never give up spirit. You’re vlogs/blogs/instagams/etc, your research mean so much.

    I still can’t believe people are giving you sh*t still. On the other hand, we have school shooting truthers out here, so nothing should surprise me.

    Thanks for the continued updates and insight. Giant hugs x 1,000,000

  4. Thanks for writing your blog. I too have the sacomatoid carcinoma. I did 4 rounds of chem o. I had a biopsy of my paratracheal modernise it was growing and larger. Next scan was a Gallium 68. I was coincidence ofdesease. June 5 next scabn. Thank you somuch. I am glad I found you!

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