Hospital Food!!!

Typing with a canula in is a little harder than I expected, not just that the movement of my arms is restricted at this point! But you know what I wanted to do that thing where I describe an experience to you all.

Your all thinking what experience will this be? What could he possibly have in his arsenal that will hit us in the chest like a one-inch punch of feels!

I am going to smash you right in the feelers with this!

Hospital food is possibly the best thing since…

Shit! Who am I kidding hospital food is possibly the only evil that I haven’t explored fully, I don’t think I have given it the time, or justice it deserves.

Now, I have been in hospital now 3 days, I am eating well, healthily and occasionally naughtily but I am eating never the less.

One thing I have noticed is that hospital food is not only nutritionally balanced but also comes with custard! Everything comes with custard!

I am not complaining as I love custard, but I am pretty sure that curry and custard is not a good match! I actually know better than anyone that it is not a good match!


PS… they don’t actually offer curry and custard in one dish! That would be absurd!

So, what do I make of the hospital food? Well all in all it could be a lot worse, people need to realise that hospital food is for sustenance not dietary requirements! With that you can’t possibly please everyone, I am pretty sure that you couldn’t please me anyway at the moment unless I had buckets of katsu curry and sticky rice!

That is a genuine craving right now! I am literally gagging for a katsu curry! I am thinking about it with the pickled ginger and that lush sticky rice taste!

Anywho back to the hospital food, it isn’t all bad! It isn’t exactly Michelin star but it’s not bad! It is doing its job and keeping me alive though! I just needed to mention the hospital food as if I didn’t I wouldn’t be a normal hospital patient!

I am actually really pleased with my hospital stay, I have met some interesting and lovely people, not to mention the tremendous staff who have been so kind and helpful.

All in all it’s an enjoyable stay so far.

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4 Comments on “Hospital Food!!!”

  1. LOL You would think a hospital would get the importance of fueling your body with live organic veggies and fruits. Not a green thing in sight! Happy to read you are being well looked after. One day at a time, Dan. One day at a time. 🙂

  2. I’ve always had colon surgeries (3). My food was broth, jello, tea and Italian icey. Occasionally, watery Cream of Wheat. Horrible, but I suppose that’s what’s required till digestion tract heals.

  3. OK, please don’t hate me for this… but when I lived in England I was uh… not blown over by the food. (Curries excepted… had to have Vindaloo because of Red Dwarf.)

    I can scarcely imagine English. Hospital. Food.

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