Why I’m Smiling After Surgery?

I don’t get why people think that I am going to be all down, low and sad after surgery. I am over the moon it has been done! I have been waiting ages for it to be done, like months!

Because it has been waiting so long, I developed symptoms from nerve damage and lack of oxygen. This was down to tumours pushing on bits it shouldn’t have been.

Finally, the nodes in the lower part of my neck just above my collar bone have gone and all the pain in the left side of my face and head has stopped. I also have had less twitching in my eye as well.

The surgery was huge, when I say huge it was, I will have some seriously cool scars to show off after.

We now know that the lump that grew in a few weeks was attached to lots of other smaller tumours that had grown around it then it attached to the lymph nodes. I also had numerous other nodules that were littered in my left side and chest wall.

My original scar side had numerous tumours in it, some very large as well. When I have said it grows rapidly and aggressively it really does. My body was littered with tumours only on the left side which is nuts!

Back to why I can smile though, I am used to surgery now, I am also not someone who will be down for long, I can’t be down for long!

I have already been told off for posting, vlogging and carrying on like normal but I really hate stopping and I hate not being able to be me! I am a fighter, someone who works hard and never gives in no matter what!

The nausea and the pain are increasing but it is manageable and getting easier with every hour to adjust to it. I think that is exactly it, adjusting to how I feel and adjusting to what I can and can’t do.

I saw my wound in my armpit earlier and that is huge and a bit scary and worrying but I am going to make sure that it does not get infected, or any of the areas on that point!

I have also found out that they removed a nerve from my armpit as well that was encased in the cancer as well.

All in all, I think I have a lot to be thankful for even though I feel horrendous! But I will always soldier on and fight it.

To finish this post, I have a caramel macchiato, this makes me happy! The lush caramel and coffee flavours!

Much love peeps! Thank you for the support and loves!

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6 Comments on “Why I’m Smiling After Surgery?”

  1. Once you heal from this surgery you should have less pain. Just hope Drs can control the growth of the cancer going forth. I find it truly amazing, interesting anyone would say negative things about anyone going through such a serious illness. I’m glad you can move forward and disregard their comments.

  2. Understood. I agree. I would be so thrilled as well.(as I am for you)… you have gotten results that you had never expected to get. The “go home and live with it till you die” talk was all being offered.
    “This,” that has happened is cause for a celebration dinner with family… or something of the sort❤️??

    Hoping for more good news to come. Awesome!

  3. Sounds like once the pain associated with the surgery goes away you’re going to be feeling much better then before surgery?Just think a week or so you’re pain level will be so much less and you’ll be ready for the second plan of action for kicking cancers butt! xoxo

  4. i think you should be absolutely elated now… lymph node above collar bone down! an cancer encased nerve removed! Many tumors gone! the pain in your face lifted! You have surely bought some time, and who is to say how much! I think you look great for having had all that work done… and you do have much to be thankful for at this point.
    Creepy about you having been deprived of oxygen for some period of time from a tumor pressing where it shouldn’t have been Scary sounding to me!
    I am glad you’re doing so well, and i’m sure mom and claire are proud! I’m proud of you, too!!!

  5. Don’t let anyone get you down, Dan. You know you and you should always do what you intuitively feel is right. It’s curious how it is concentrated on our left side. You have a good attitude a great family and a loving and beautiful girl by your side.. I still say you should use your illness to procure lots of sponge baths… LOL maybe you should get Claire a sexy nurse outfit? That should make the healing progress less tedious. Haha jk. Here’s to a speedy recovery, internet friend. Team OK is still here and rooting for you! x

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