This Is My Surgery Update Post

So, during the day this post will be updated with what is going on with my surgery, what is happening in hospital and over the next 24hrs.


I woke up, with a sore throat not sure why but raring to go, I just want this over and done with now. This is major surgery but I am really not worried at all, seems silly but I am not at all!

I just want it over and done with now, really want it over and done with!



I am sat in the waiting room, waiting to be called through into surgery. I am trying my best not to be really annoying for people here in  the waiting room but I am mega hyper.

I can’t seem to keep the hyperactivity down to a level when I go in for surgery! Thank goodness I don’t have my gown on yet to flash you all!


I have spoken to the surgeons and filmed parts, I am just about to go down to the ward and have my surgery. I will probably not post any futher updates other than a picture of me in my gown on instagram for you guys so check it out 🙂 I will post some updates as soon as I am out of surgery for everyone.

I have no idea where my mum and dad have gone but I am sure they are having a great time lol!

Claire, is now increasingly nervous but me, I am not! I am pretty calm considering what is about to happen! There are six separate operation sites, that contain multiple tumours that need to be cut out. At this point we are not sure what will exactly be found within my body, spread or if it has latched to other parts of me.

But as I say heres to hoping it’s not to bad!

The operation will be about 4 – 6hrs now, so hopefully see you in a few hours all doped up and less cancery!!!

Thursday 2:00pm

So after my surgery I am recouping from it all and trying to stop myself from being sick and roll around in pain, it’t not that painful but very awkward to lie down with.

I am however really, really happy it is out of my body now. I really have no way to explain how horrible it was knowing this was all growing in me and there was nothing I could do.

My wounds are pretty large, and there are numerous seperate surgeries that have been done on my back, left axilla and left side.

They had to remove more lymphnodes and more tumours that were found. I will know exactly how many tomorrow so will update this then.

I am so grateful for everyones support, well wishes and enthusiasm for me living.

I will be posting seperate posts now on what’s happening.

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9 Comments on “This Is My Surgery Update Post”

  1. You’re going down Lumpinstein! Sending good thoughts and lots of prayers! Hang in there Claire & family, I know it’s scary!! x

  2. I’ve been praying for you since yearly morning. So relieved to hear something from you even if it was a picture of your incision.
    God Bless you Dan!

  3. I was thinking of you all day today, wondering how you are doing. I don’t know the time difference between the US (Florida, Eastern Standard Time) and where you are, but that’s OK. I’m sorry for the pain you will have after your surgery, but am excited that you seem to have a way forward after your surgery. I am looking forward to seeing what route(s) you are taking, if you divulge it. Blessings to you!

  4. You are brave and wonderful. I love your mom! There are prayer coming to across the ocean from me here in America. (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.) Please be well and thank you for keeping the research going.
    Laura Umbrell

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