Common misconceptions of me now seem to really paint me in a bad light, I know that certain things have been quite publicly said about me and really is badly misconstrued information.

I am not sure how closely people follow me, but I use multi-channel social media platforms to share my content, this and this alone has grown my YouTube channel, working hard at my craft and trying to be entertaining but also share the reality of my situation with the masses.

I am what would be known as a crowd pleaser and I am also a realist and if I see an opportunity I will take it, I was given this amazing opportunity to educate people and break some stigma attached to the word cancer and the world of cancer.

Not in my wildest dreams did I think that this would become terminal and no one know how to treat it, world wide no one knows how to treat it.

What I have is a pleomorphic sarcomatoid carcinoma, primary cutaneous carcinosarcoma and unknown sarcomas. I have a group of some of the rarest cancers ever known to man, two of them don’t even have Wikipedia pages let alone have they been researched.

Due to this lack of knowledge and no research, me being realistic about the situation, the likely hood is I will die of this cancer that plagues me.

I started the Go Fund Me page to try get some research done into this when I found out that it was far worse than expected, that Go Fund Me is there to try and find a way to treat this cancer for me and others in the future, there are no selfish motives to anything that I am doing.

The way I see this is if I do not research this and have a team research it, this may never happen and lives maybe lost as a result and I will not be part of that.

I have also had a lovely company agree to make the hoodies and t-shirts so we can add to the amount we can put into getting this looked into more as it is not cheap to pay for professionals to form opinions.

So far I have had contact with 7 families of individuals who have died from this sub type and gained access to medical records, scans, pathology and miraculously one person who is also alive who has also supplied the same. This means we have a chance now to compare notes for the first time and work towards a viable treatment plan.

Simply put we can work out how this cancer works in the human body, how it spreads and look at common pathways and precursors. We already know what is dangerous to a patient and could kill them so that is one great thing that has come from this already.

I have had severely bad treatment from the NHS and I am the first to admit that and I would not wish the amount of pain and woe I have on anyone else.

I am pretty sure that the people who get the concept of what I am doing will understand, as what I am doing is purely to raise awareness, gaining the biggest audience I can now maybe the only way I can save my life and others.

I am setting up the community out of my want to help others, and trust me if I survive this you will all see me making drastic changes to everything that I do with my vlog, I will be going out and helping others and showing people that giving in is not an option, not because I want to force my beliefs on anyone but I want to try help people it utterly awful situations.

I have chosen not to monetise my channel until it gets to a certain number of subscribers and this has been discussed with the people in trust of looking after my affairs and countless viewers of my vlog.

I have the best intentions at heart and I am sorry if anyone doesn’t understand what I am doing but it is the only way I know how to get this out into the open and potentially make a difference in the world.

To everyone who has supported me and been awesome thank you so much, you’re all legends.

If you would like to support the research we are doing the Go Fund Me is —>Here<— , PayPal donations can be made —>Here<— and you can buy the hoodie and t-shirt —>Here<—

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So what's the story? Well in 2015 I was diagnosed with a Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. To say the least it was aweful, I have managed to get through three years now with it coming back with vengance 4 times. On the 29th December 2017 I found it had likely spread. This is my dialogue with myself.

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3 Comments on “The Common Misconceptions”

  1. Catching up on your Vlog from USA, Iowa. Love them, but feel horrible you are suffering. I always wanted to go to England. I am obsessed with Royal history. I have watched documentaries back to Richard I’ll. Love Queen Elizabeth ll. I also love Adele and her music. She is so talented, but a real down to earth woman. I have 7 grandchildren, 3 grown daughters. Family issues galore. I find it all very depressing at times, but us distraction to cope. Had my share of health issues, not near as serious. 3 colon surgeries for Crohn’s disease. You inspire me to keep hoping all will be resolved. Keep fighting!! Prayers for you and hugs.

  2. The people who adore you totally understand, Dan! I know you feel the need to explain, but I wish you didn’t have to. You’ve got so much fight left. Sad that you’ve got to waste your energy on the people who don’t have a clue how wonderful you are.

  3. The good part of this platform is the ability to reach so many people from all over the world. The bad part is that there will be a percentage of those people who are clueless and will make ridiculous or horrible comments. I hope you won’t take those to heart. I have retroperitoneal liposarcoma and so I know what it’s like for people to think you don’t look sick and some to take it a step further and think you are making it all up.

    Your blog is helpful because we feel better sharing feelings and experiences that are similar to our own; it makes us feel less alone. Our families and friends can’t really understand. So, thank you for sharing your journey.

    You are a remarkable young man. I hope you can find answers. I hope you are feeling more like yourself soon. I am sending you hope, love and hugs from California.

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