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Just a massive thank you to everyone who has helped me, below is my original post on this, and the video.

Not only have people helped with this research but we have contact with numerous families of individuals who have passed away from this type of cancer and one person who is alive and have found some seriously good evidence now to know what kills, pathways and now we are able to work on treatment plans not just for me but for others!

I am amazed at this myself as I am one man! But wow, just wow! I still need to raise more for the information we have no to be researched fully as this will be the first time it is done, but I will be going experemental on myself as well with the help from doctors to see if I can reverse this terminal diagnosis.

This is a testament to how socual media should be used! Thank you everyone

Here The Original Post 🙂

Here Is The Video…

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