Yesterday Was Hard!

Yesterday was a hard ass day! I blog most days and Vlog, but I didn’t plan or schedule all this! I have included an excerpt form my Facebook page for people to see as it was an incredibly hard day for me, I still haven’t had answers today but I am not so down.

Today has ended up a lot more worrying than expected. I require urgent CT scans and care. I did have a really good video for today but can wait till after I know about all this.

I feel I should explain, I am dealing with the NHS, so the urgency part is very relevant to my worry.


I only had surgery two weeks ago, I haven’t even had my follow ups and I am being told I need urgent medical care on the phone, and surgeons will call me. The average time is 6 – 10 weeks for this after surgery and receiving the results and my results were only known 4 days ago.


I am unable to share my results as I still haven’t been told fully, but my nodules, bumps and other parts the doctors said they would ignore as they were insignificant don’t seem so insignificant anymore. My back pain is excruciating and the pain in my lungs is like nothing I have felt before.


I made an application to be treated abroad today, which I hope get’s accepted.


– This is from my Facebook πŸ™‚

My video of what happened…

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