Today I Took My Stitches Out! Check It Out!

Today I had to take my stitches off, the steristrips atleast. I thought I would vlog the thing!

I had my biopsy last week and was time for the strips to come off! I heal pretty damn quick considering and I put that down to a clean lifestyle.

I didn’t always live cleanly and it is mega hard to do, I am going to be doing some vlogs on how to do that and how to live as healthily as possible.

I should stress you shouldn’t do this unless advised to do so, I was. It’s also not the first time I have done this!

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So what's the story? Well in 2015 I was diagnosed with a Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. To say the least it was aweful, I have managed to get through three years now with it coming back with vengance 4 times. On the 29th December 2017 I found it had likely spread. This is my dialogue with myself.

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