I Haven’t Died! I Have Been Working Hard On Content!

Ok, so I haven’t blogged for two days and with good reason, one I had a shed load of work, meeting and appointments to go to. Secondly, I also have been working hard to get together the bits and bobs to start this vlog! I have so many shout outs, annoying things to say and just darn right idiocy.

I have started the process of recording for the vlog, but unfortunately like a numpty I forgot to plug the mic in so it’s all rendered useless except for some awesome visuals and time lapses! Anywho, I am ok with that.

I will re-record when I have the time, my aim is to release a video every Sunday & Wednesday if I can get my act together!

What’s happened with me this week? Well I have an appointment for next Tuesday to see the plastics department and decide what we are going to do to remove this lump in my left side. I am also going to see what’s happening about the others as well as they really need to be seen to!

I am obviously not in the best frame of mind but trying to keep myself occupied as best I can, plus talking into a camera when people are watching is rather fun and asking randoms questions! I don’t mean the sweet randoms either!

So, who is my Vlog aimed at? Well anyone who want to know how shit this situation is and the waiting around you must do in-between! Nothing in this is simple and I don’t think people understand cancer enough!

A lot of people do run’s and raise money for cancer, but do you actually know what it is? Do you know what it does? Do you know what it does to the body? Do you know what it does to the mind?

I am a particularly strong person and can cope with a hell of a lot, but at times this takes its toll, it really does cause me sleepless nights, wanting to get wasted, wanted to kill myself. Those are in my opinion normal up’s and downs for anyone in this horrid situation.

They say it’s not the cancer that kills you, its either the infections, wasting or you just give the hell up! I am not someone who will give up and I am also not someone to be boring in the process!

So, we are 3 years into my cancer journey! I am still none the wiser, so I am going to take the time to learn more, I am going to try and educate anyone I can, and I am also going to try and get the perspective of others going through different types of cancer and different stages to add some weight to arguments and show lots of perspective on this!

I would also like to flip this and find some doctors, nurses and careers who look after people who have cancer and get to know how they feel about it!

I hop by the end I can have an awesome documented idea of what’s going on and what people can do to help themselves and others! Because enough money goes into solving the riddle, but nothing yet has happened!

Don’t come at me with they already have a cure for cancer rubbish because do you not think if there was a cure someone would have come forward by now. Information leaks daily so just think before you open your mouths to say that! It doesn’t help people who suffer!

So yeah I am mega excited to start it off and will as soon as I can!

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