Never Lose Your Faith – I Don’t Mean Religiously – Apparently If I Had Cleansed My Soul I Wouldn’t Have Got Cancer

A wise man once said that religion is the route of all that is evil in the world. I think it was Richard Dawkins in the book, The God Delusion.

If your religious I apologise but I am seriously angry with this and I am entitled to have an opinion on this matter.

Let’s be real for a second, if religion was not shrouded in mystery, deluded individuals, hate, despicable acts and extremists then it may be acceptable practice.

But, and I know there is a massive but here, those extremists, delusional individuals and haters don’t represent the truth of the religion and use it as an excuse.

That begs a thousand questions doesn’t it, now I said I would be honest and explore my mind and how I feel each day so that’s exactly what I am doing. This is my opinion on a certain subject after someone said to me today maybe if I cleansed my soul I wouldn’t have got cancer! I’m angry and I am unapologetic!

Some argue that if God existed why would babies die and people get cancer, well that’s simple to answer if your me, god doesn’t exist.

Look at the amount of people who are in institutions for talking to themselves, surely talking to something that doesn’t exist is just the same? Then you have the arguement that how do all these miracles happen? Seriously? Seriously!

Come on, if enough people believe in something it will happen, a miracle is man made! I need a miracle to cure me, but that’s man made! That’s not good given!

People saying god told me the cure, actually you had a thought process that meant you unlocked hidden potential. It’s like people finding inner strength to over come something! That’s just psychologically them believing so much in something that doesn’t exist it has a placebo effect and just strengthens their inner being!

The only real faith you should have is in yourself; you should believe in your self more than anything! Be your own personal Jesus, be your own person everything. Trust in yourself and make things happen for yourself, don’t rely on others to make it happen as it never will.

Miracles happen because people band together, they use eachothers strengths and weaknesses to get progression!

Religion is just a way of life coaching, with a bit of delusion thrown in to control the followers.

Most religions is based on capital gain for a few, I have known some religious leaders who have made a fortune off absolute crap! Absolute rubbish! Those people Regular evil! Telling me to cleanse my soul and maybe this wouldn’t have happened! Wow your evil! Actually really evil! I have survived longer than most in my situation, fought at every turn and accomplished loads while being sick!

Also unlike your evil selves, I actually want to get better so I can help others who deal with the type of abuse I have, give them hope and make them smile along the way!

Abuse comes in many forms, religious leaders and their followers hide behind it to abuse others, be opinionated on things they don’t understand and to be nasty to people. It’s no different to domestic violence, it’s just brain washing people to follow your belief, you are this, you are this because of this, you need to do this to be better in life. Don’t die alone, don’t go to hell!

What’s wrong with dying alone? What’s wrong with going to hell? For me I live it most days so it’s not an issue for me! Eternal damnation sounds like fun to me! I don’t wanna go somewhere where I can’t enjoy myself, I don’t want to go somewhere with rules! What’s wrong with people seriously!

Stop the hate! Stop the drama! People deserve to be respected and looked after no matter what! Opinions like the one I heard today helps no one! Just shows how naive you are and how scared you are to believe in yourself! Get on with your life, just don’t affect others!

I’m done in, I’m actually laughing at this for reals! Keep thinking of Drop Dead Fred! What if Fred was god! I’m going to stop now before I offended more people!

Don’t use religion as an excuse! It’s unacceptable! Don’t blame god for your failings as well! You are the master of your own destiny so live life to the fullest! Cherish those around you and cherish every moment!

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